Custom Jewelry Designer

Turning Your Love Story Into a Timeless Ring

Innovation meets craftsmanship to turn your unique love story into a bespoke ring. Discover jewelry that transcends mere decoration—a tangible emblem of your shared path.

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The Journey Begins Here

We break the custom ring process into 4 key components, everything starts with hiring us as a designer. We take you through the design all the way to a digital rendering of your ring and a quote to create the actual ring.


Your journey begins with a personal consultation where our designers dedicate time to uncover your unique story and vision.

Design Exploration

With your inspiration as our guide, we sketch and refine design concepts, inviting your input to shape the final vision.


We present you with an exquisite selection of diamonds and gemstones, empowering you to choose the perfect centerpiece.

3D Visualization

Experience your design in full dimension as our artisans craft highly realistic 3D models, offering a comprehensive view from every angle for your final approval.

My fiancé had a wonderful experience working with Alan! He said Alan was very easy to work with, responded quickly, was great with design, and the process was enjoyable and worth it. I love my ring and am so happy with how it turned out!

Amanda Harden

amazing jewelry - selections, and especially custom designs  Alan Wood is your guy if you want to create something truly timeless and special.

Demetri Chrissos

Followed Alan’s jewelry making for at least 10 years and it’s absolutely amazing to see the dedication and passion he gives to his craft. His custom pieces always come out great and I’d highly recommend to get yourself one of his creations!

Aaron Herlocker

Impeccably creative and clean ideas made come to life when you work with Alan, and for such a fair value. He is as kind and helpful and fun to speak with as he is a master at his craft.

Tristan Dunn


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our custom jewelry design and creation process.

What are test-fit rings made out of?

AW Test-Fit ring are created with alloys like sterling silver and imitation diamonds to give you a realistic, yet low-cost version of your priceless ring. Owning an AW Test-Fit ring gives you an alternative to wearing your fine piece of jewelry everyday. This is great to have if you expect to travel to unsafe parts of the world or do activities where your ring could be damaged.

Can I work with my designer on new projects other than rings?

Yes! AW designers are your personal jewelry designers for life. We’re your jewelry team that you have access to year round. You can open up new collaborations and start the designing process right away. Whether you would like a matching ring to stack together, and even other types of jewelry like pendants, earrings, and more. Consider us your private jeweler.

How long will my ring take to arrive?

We work fast! Depending on the design plan that you’ve chosen- After placing your final ring order, your final ring is handcrafted and will arrive at your door within 1-8 weeks.

Do you have a warranty of jewelry from AW?

Our engagement rings come with a 180 days craftsmanship warranty. It covers any potential defects in manufacturing, but not damage caused by wear and tear or accidental damage.This allows for 6 months of daily wear to ensure defects are recognized if any exists. Exclusions: Normal wear and tear or damage resulting from misuse or accidents. Loss of the ring or any of its stones.Alterations made by a third-party jeweler void this guarantee. Normal wear and tear or damage resulting from misuse or accidents.

What is the price range for custom jewelry?

Prices for custom jewelry vary widely based on materials, gemstone choices, and the complexity of the design. We offer a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your vision and discuss what’s possible in your budget. The average engagement ring in the US cost $5900. Expect to start at $2500 and up.

What is your policy on revisions and adjustments during the design process?

We aim for complete satisfaction and offer revisions during the design phase to ensure the final piece perfectly captures your vision. Our design plans allow for as many revisions as needed to get the design perfect. We do all of the revisions during the design phase before putting the ring into production.


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